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A study revealed that girls that drink more soda, on average have their first period earlier than girls that drink little or no soda. Light soda’s and pure fruit juice don’t seem to affect when they have their first period.

The study – the “Growing Up Study” – was conducted by British Harvard Medical School researchers. During a time period of 5 years, 5.583 girls between the age of 9 and 14  included in the study. 

The researchers found that girls that drank 1.5+ glasses of soda a day, on average got their period 2.7 months earlier than girls that drank 2 soda’s a week or less. This effect was corrected by factors like BMI, eating pattern and physical exercise.

soda causes earlier menstruation among girls

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The researchers discuss that the reason the soda drinkers  had their first period earlier, has something to do with insulin levels. Soda drinks elevate insulin levels, which in turn may elevates the level of sex hormones. Subsequently, these sex hormones affect menstruation.

As such, it seems that soda doesn’t only affect weight, but also causes girls to reach puberty at an earlier age.

Do you drink soda? How often do you drink soda? How does a message like this affect your drinking behavior?


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