Ready for maternity leave! Am I going to knit? Do I have maternity shoots planned? What about updates on your favorite blog upcoming months?

[dropcap]You[/dropcap] have probably noticed that the last couple of weeks I have posted less articles on this website; 3 a week, instead of every other day. That’s because of the summer schedule that I am currently keeping up. The reason for this is that lots of people are on holiday, or spend less time behind their laptop or computer.

Normally I would return to my normal posting schedule by the end of the summer, but this year things are a bit different …

Heavily pregnant

As you probably know I am heavily pregnant at the moment; 37 weeks to be precise. To I am actually so heavy pregnant that my boyfriend needs to help me get (un-) dressed. Yep, than you know you actually are heavily pregnant. I’m so pregnant, that my water can break any time. These pictures were made by Minke Kroeze 2 weeks ago:

Mandala & maternity shoots

Anyway: the time has come that I am going to take it easy. The only things I’ll do is the options for maternity shoots that are in my agenda, take day-time naps and make my friends drawings from my Mandala coloring book. Everything for the health of our little man!

What to expect?

From now on until probably 4 to 6 weeks after our baby’s birth you’ll see new articles appear on this website twice a week. I have already written most of these articles in advance and they will be published automatically. Don’t hesitate to comment though; I do read my comments!

You will also see social media updates appear on my networks. Many of them are also planned on forehand, but many of them also aren’t (for instance: Instagram and Snapchat updates are always ‘live’). 


If you’re disappointed to see less articles appear on here (believe me: I do!), I can recommend you to make use of this ‘space’ and browse the archive pages for nice recipes, food tips, workout tips, skin care tips etcetera. You can do this by clicking the tabs on top of this website (use the ‘hamburger’ menu on top of this page on your mobile).  


Oh, and besides: while I have planned to keep my laptop closed as much as possible, I can’t imagine to never touch my mobile and never post anything on Instagram (username @greatbodyskin) or Snapchat (username: angelarositaw).

Yes, I’m on Snapchat as well. Haven’t fully figured it out yet, so may I excuse myself on forehand for useless feet photo’s and the like? I will try to do my upmost best to post some inspiring food photo’s. For the non-preggers and non-moms: excuse me on forehand for the baby spam. 


With love


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