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een model is ook maar gewoon een zzper nrc eline van uden

(NL) “Glamorous? Een Model Is Ook Maar Gewoon ZZP’er”

(NL) Eline ken je van haar artikel ‘Curves on the runway’. Afgelopen week stopte Eline na 10 jaar modellenwerk. In diezelfde week kwam ook het artikel “Glamorous? Een Model Is Ook Maar Gewoon ZZP’er” uit in het NRC, waarin Eline het opneemt voor de belangen van modellen. Dit is nodig volgens Eline, want, zo geeft ze aan in het NRC, “modellenwerk klinkt als een droombaan met verre reizen, roem en mooie kleren, maar in werkelijkheid is het fysiek, emotioneel en zakelijk zwaar.”

Beginners Guide to Modeling: How To Get Into Modeling

Beginners Guide to Modeling: How To Get Into Modeling

When I first started modeling, aspirant models had to send a printed letter and a stack of photos in an envelope to a modeling agency. If you wanted to have your photos returned, you’d have to enclose a stamped envelope and put your address on the back of photos.

Now, 16 years later, contacting agencies to see if you can model works quite differently. How this works exactly is, however, still unclear to many aspiring models. As such, girls regularly ask me how they can become a model and which steps they should take.

Of course you should firstly meet the requirements regarding appearance. This usually means that you are at least 1.73 m, have size 34-36, are 14 years old or older, have straight teeth, a flawless skin, a symmetrical and interesting face and beautiful hair. There are exceptions to the rule, and that’s Kate Moss (she is shorter than 1.70 m).

It is not my expertise to indicate on the basis of a persons looks if he or she can be a model. I’d rather leave this to the bookers of modeling agencies. What I can do is give aspiring models a push in the right direction by sharing a few tips.

Workouts & Exercises

Candice Swanepoel’s Full-Body Ballet Workout

What a pleasure to look at this video. This woman moves so graceful and elegant! Light as a feather and with gentle movements Candice Swanepoel (IMG Models) gambols through the screen. I think back at my own experiences with classical ballet and wonder if I should sign up with a ballet studio soon (my gym unfortunately doesn’t offer ballet booty barre yet). I have ballet jitters!