I like hearing about other people’s strange eating habits. My friend for example eats ketchup on her pancake. Furthermore, I read about the combination of ice cream with ketchup and a sandwich peanut butter-chocolate sprinkles-cheese. Ieeeh!

I have some strange eating habits myself and I create combinations that will probably make some of you shiver. For me though, these combo’s make my heart beat faster. In this overview I share these combo’s and weird eating habits with you; I obviously don’t want to withhold you from my divine combo’s and habits.

1. Rolled up ‘coconut bread’ (a slice firmly pressed coconut) with butter and chocolate sprinkles (this is actually something that I don’t eat anymore, but my mom used to give this to us to us when my brother and I were kids. It still remains my favorite!).

2. Goat cheese with honey and walnuts, spoonded out of a bowl.

3. I always eat my pasta or rice pure, without any sauce, meat or veggies. After I finished my pasta or rice, I continue with my protein and veggies.

4. A spoon of peanut butter with honey.

confession: my weird eating habits

A spoon of peanut butter & honey. Hmm!

5. Cottage cheese with pine nuts and honey, right from the bowl.

6. Raw tempeh. I cut off a few thick strips of tempeh, put it on a plate and nibble on it.

7. Cinnamon omelette.

8. /i always eat from a white plate. Eating from a brown board just doesn’t satisfy my taste buds.

9. I eat everything with a spoon, except for spaghetti. Okay, I of course cut m protein with a knife.

10. In a nut mix I look for the tastiest nuts in the mix and leave the rest in the bowl. Very annoying at parties, especially if only the raisins and hazelnuts (I have an oral allergy syndrome that manifests in an oral response to for example hazelnuts) remain in the bowl.

11. I preferably eat from a bowl instead of a plate. Of course, it should be a white bowl.

12. I want to have my tea served in a mug. No glass for me, please!

13. Raw mushrooms (tasty, healthy and easy snack food!).

14. Before each bite, I carefully smell what’s on my spoon. This looks more like a sort of sniffing and can take a few seconds.

15. I don’t want to talk while I’m eating (actually quite logical; air in your gut by talking while eating can be quite painful!).

16. I love doing groceries more than shopping for clothes. My friend is very happy with that!

17. I HATE cold food, coffee and tea. 

Going through my list again, I think I am not an extremely weird eater. What do you think? Are you worse? 


Do you have weird habits? Do you make weird combinations? Or do you have strange eating habits? Let me know in the comments below; looking forward to read them!


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