Gluten, a protein that can be found in grains, contain gliadine, which in turn is an amino acid that can causeĀ reactions.

Here’s a list of unprocessed grains and flours that do not contain gliadine or just in small, neglegtable amounts and are safe to take. These grains and flours can be used to make pasta, porridge, to bake bread and flapjacks, so you can have a normal breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Varied (contain small amounts of gliadine):

  • oat
  • corn
  • teff
  • millet



  • montina
  • sorghum
  • wild rice



  • soy bean flour (not too much because of its effect on estrogene levels and eclusively fermented, beneficial to women in their menopause)
  • chick pea flour


  • buckwheat
  • quinoa
  • amaranth
  • sunflowerseeds (not too often because of its estrogen elevating properties, beneficial to women in their menopause)


Nut flours:
  • coconut flour
  • almond flour
  • any kind of nut – four


If you know about any grains or flours that are gluten-free ad can be used to bake bread and flapjacks, please let me know!




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