In this article I’ll tell you more about the changes my body, apart from a growing belly, it has undergone in the meantime. On page 1 of this article you can read more about hunger, my weight and pelvic instability.

I weighted myself when I just got pregnant and around, I believe, week 24. At that time I had gained 2.2 kilos. In most cases, increase in weight during pregnancy is composed of placenta, amniotic fluid, increased fat and blood volume and fluid. 

Water retention
Again, you can suffer pretty bad from water retention during pregnancy. Drinking plenty of water can help a little. I myself am fortunately not affected by water retention. What about your fluid balance?

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Or: Restless Legs Syndrome. Especially my left leg can sometimes feel uncomfortable when I’ve sat down for too long. A hot shower and lieing down always helps. If you suffer from RLS, it’s worth it to check your magnesium levels and supplement in case of shortage.

Bleeding nose
A bleeding nose is a typical pregnancy complaint caused by increased blood volume, causing more pressure on blood vessels. These vessles furthermore lie closer to the surface now, so the risk of bleeding is great. Also, your mucous membranes, such as those in your nose, are increased blood circulated and the walls of your arteries have softened. Nose picking is therefore non-receommended during pregnancy 😉

I can be brief here; my skin remains calm. No acne, like we often see during pregnancy. I have freckles and therefore actually expected a bit of a pregnancy mask, but it seems I am not prone to develope one. The only thing I noticed about my skin is a brief sensitivity, which disappeared after it had been there for about a month. 

Freckles, but luckily no acne or pregnancy mask.

Hair on your chin
3 in my case, to be exact. And they are black. Upon discovery, I had them removed and flushed down the drain. Again: a typical pregnancy complaint that will luckily go away after pregnancy.

I’ll just be honest about it: I want to make a nice picture of my baby bump, but the sun shines through the furry little hairs around my belly button (also a temporairly preggers complaint). I’d better soon get started with Veet as I might get booked for that pregnancy lingerie job. 

Dull hair
I heard from someone that my hair was dull (nice one!). During pregnancy women produce more sebum and lose less hair. This can cause dull hair or – let’s hope this is you – awesome hair. I haven’t noticed anything about my hair in particular myself. 

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Stretch marks
No experience with those yet and I’m actually not really worried about it. At least … this one morning I woke up and saw marks on my stomach. In retrospect I had confused marks from scratching with stretch marks. At that moment though, I was a bit shocked about it. Let’s hope that in case I really get stretch marks, I won’t be bothered by them. 

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Would you like to read more about modeling during my pregnancy, how I put on my socks and the horror maternity package I got? Next week, I’ll tell you all about it here! Do not miss the article by signing up for my newsletter.

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