It’s time for a new pregnancy update! We are now in our 6th month. Modeling jobs are on hold because of my belly size. We had the 20-week ultrasound which revealed that ‘we’ are average and made my 4th pregnancy progression photo.

I love to see people sympathize with our pregnancy! I very much enjoy my pregnancy and find my pregnancy very special. Therefore, I regularly share titbits of my pregnancy. Hope it doesn’t tire you yet πŸ˜‰

In-between-baby bump

From the third month on, my boyfriend and I made monthly pregnancy progression photos at the beginning of each new month. Those photos were originally intended for “internal use” only (read: my boyfriend and loved ones). In addition, they were meant for my modeling agency and to keep clients informed about my belly growth. With an in-between-baby bump work is simply paused for a model. Once my baby bump is convincing, I am able to work for clients looking for a pregnant model.

After several readers and interested people  expressed their curiosity about my baby bump progression pictures, I – of course after approval of dear friend – decided to also upload the pictures on Instagram.


And why not? After all: I find baby bump development series intriguing. In addition, I think that women with a pregnancy bump are gorgeous to look at! Admitted: I sure am proud of that little bump! My child (is it a boy or girl?!) is in there! How awesome is that?!

Tiger stripes

Just like some of you, I am very curious about how my belly will further develop. Will it stay tiny just as my mother’s when I was in her womb? Will it in the end develop into a huge bump with stretch marks (tiger stripes!) all over, despite frequent massages?

20 weeks ultrasound

It doesn’t matter anyway, as during our 20-week ultrasound we have in fact heard the great news that our little one is completely healthy  and is quite average in terms of growth. We have never been so happy to be average!


Here are my baby bump photos from the past 4 months in chronological order. I hope you can appreciate them. In a few months I will share a similar article with the last few photos – the latter of course with a little baby on my belly instead of in my belly.

3rd month
4th month
5th month
6th month

My 3rd and 6th month next to eachother to close this update: 

pregnancy bump 3rd - 6th
pregnancy bump 3rd & 6th


Have you made a nice photo series or stop-motion video of your pregnancy bump progress? Tag me on one of of the following social media account; I’d love to see it!



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